Sponsorships and Tickets:

  • Over 700 men, women, and businesses will be in attendance. It will be a packed house!
  • There are typically two ways finalists attend the banquet:
    1. The finalist’s company can purchased a sponsorship, table, or tickets. One of those tickets will be utilized for the finalist. Some companies may also invite family members to be a part of their table. That is at the discretion of the company. Please thank your company on behalf of Influential Women of Northwest Indiana for their sponsorship. It truly makes a difference.
    2. The finalist can purchase his or her own individual ticket. We will make certain if you have purchased an individual ticket, you will be seated with other individual finalists!
  • Sponsorships are what make this event possible but in no way determines winners.
  • Children are welcome with a ticket. This is a great opportunity to show how hard work and perseverance pays off. However, only a small number of children are generally in attendance.
  • Don’t wait! We already sold over 600 tickets, and the event does sells out.
  • You can find the sponsorship and ticket information here.


Nominations and Finalists:

  • This year, there were over 200 nominations!
  • All nominations received a congratulatory letter along with a nomination packet.
  • After nomination packets were received, they were narrowed down to the 2017 finalists. They can be viewed here.
  • Remember: Just being a finalist is an achievement!



  • The nomination packets are reviewed and judged by our Alumni in their respective categories. For example, the Healthcare Alumni reviews and judges the Healthcare nomination packets.
  • Alumni submit their rating sheets. Once all rating sheets are calculated, an Influential Woman and an Up and Coming Woman in each category are selected.
  • Disclaimer – We do not judge the nomination packets! All judging is done by Alumni panels. Information about finalists and winners in any category will not be shared. We do not accept bribery of any form – not even puppies!


What to Expect:

  • The evening is structured with delectable, heavy appetizers and networking.
  • You will be awarded your finalist medallion when you arrive and are able to wear your medallion that evening. The medallion allows others to easily congratulate you and network with you.
  • There will be a photo staging area where you can have your picture taken with your colleagues, family, and friends. You will be emailed complimentary photos from the evening within a few days of the event.
  • Last year’s Alumni will receive their alumna medallion at registration, so you can meet and congratulate them as well. All alumni at the event will be wearing their medallions for easy identification. Be sure to thank them for judging!
  • Networking will be from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • We ask that you take your seats at approximately 6:30 p.m. where desserts will be waiting for you.
  • During the program, each category will be announced separately. Every name is announced, and you are asked to stand. Winners will be announced that evening.
  • There are additional special awards (Empowering Business Award, Community Leader of the Year Award, Supporter of the Year Award, and Torch Award) awarded that evening.
  • The evening will end with the announcement of our Overall Up and Coming and Overall Influential Women of the Year.
  • Networking will continue following the program until 9 p.m.